NVA Reader, New Trend in eBook Reader!

NVA Reader is a perfect reader designed for professionals. It is optimized for their works and study. The reader will not only give you excellent reading experience but also the comfortable feeling. Created by more than 100 developers over 2 years, NVA Reader is very smart and smooth, you will rarely face a bug.


Basic Functions

Our reader presents all basic function including selecting text, copying, highlighting, underlining, add notes, bookmark, printing, zoom… All functions are very friendly and easy-to-use. The book format is similar to the print book, it maintains all structures and objects of the original book.


Advanced Search. Get the answer, faster

Your textbooks with a more powerful search engine. Search through your books, courses, terms, highlights or notes. Advanced search let’s you find what you are looking for, immediately.


Social Sharing. Learning is a social event

People have always studied together, so why not make it easier? NVA Reader offers two incredible ways to get through the book faster. Not only can you get your friends notes, but you can get your professor’s notes, right in your book. Talk about saving some major studying time….


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